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A Message of Gratitude From Jennifer

Jennifer couldn’t be prouder of her three children. Ages 12, 14, and 16, each child is excelling in school and dreaming of bright futures — and Jennifer is thanking you for helping fuel those dreams.

“All of my kids are in A.P. classes and are on A and B honor roll,” Jennifer says, noting her oldest daughter is already dreaming of being a veterinarian. “I am very proud of them.”

We met Jennifer on her first visit to the food pantry at Trinity United Methodist Church, a partner agency of the Food Bank.

Jennifer recently moved with her kids to Wichita Falls after her family’s world was turned upside down when her fiancé tragically passed away from heart complications. Jennifer decided to move closer to her parents for help.

Though Jennifer’s fiancé was the primary provider for the family before, she’s working for a meal delivery service now to support her kids. Her oldest daughter also works a few hours to help when she isn’t in school.

Still, keeping up with the high cost of living can be challenging, which is why Jennifer was so grateful to discover the food pantry.

“It’s a true blessing,” she says. “Thank helps a lot.”

You’re doing so much to help families keep nutritious food on the table this summer, and all year long! Your generosity is truly inspiring.

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i have no ride and no way to pick up food from them and or anybody to pick up for me they will not even take a few minutes out of there day to deliver even after hours on there way home. what is god going to say when they are at the perley gates and he ask why you denied food to one of his children becouse they dont deliver

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