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A Word of Thanks from Kayla

Kayla works hard to provide for her three children, but this summer she’s especially grateful she can count on your help to fill their plates with nutritious food.

We met Kayla and her youngest child, Kaylan, on a recent visit to a Food Bank Mobile Pantry. Kayla worked for a local restaurant until the start of the pandemic when the restaurant shut down.

Kayla and her youngest child, Kaylan, on a visit to a Food Bank Mobile Pantry.

Since then, Kayla hasn’t had much luck finding a steady job, leaving her struggling to keep up with basic bills and the rising cost of groceries.

On top of that, Kayla’s family was hit twice with the Coronavirus. She began homeschooling to keep the kids quarantined and safer, but that also means the kids lost access to free and reduced-price school meals, straining Kayla’s budget even further.

That’s why Kayla’s so grateful for your support that helps her provide nutritious food for her family until she can get back on her feet again.

“It takes the burden off,” she says of the food she’s taking home on her first visit to the Mobile Pantry.

Kayla has a special message for donors like you who make it possible for her family to access fresh produce and other perishables, as well as pantry staples.

“Thank you for donating,” she says. “It helps families like mine.”

You’re doing so much to help families keep nutritious food on the table this summer, and all year long! Your generosity is truly inspiring.

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