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Justin Pays Your Generosity Forward

Justin never forgot the kindness his family received at an especially critical time — it’s part of what propels him to give his time as a volunteer with the Food Bank today.

Justin and his wife are the proud parents of Jameson, 3. Jameson was diagnosed with autism and hearing loss, so the family drives to Fort Worth regularly for treatment.

During the pandemic, the perfect storm occurred when the family was having to make the drive and pay for medical bills — all while paying on a new home and new vehicle. Then, Justin’s work tapered off.

That’s when the family turned to a Food Bank partner agency for help.

“We first came during Thanksgiving and received a turkey and a meal for the family,” Justin says.

Once the family got back on its feet, Justin made the decision to pay your generosity forward by volunteering — just as he had witnessed on his first visit to the food pantry. Now, he’s been volunteering for six months and plans to continue.

“What you do makes a huge difference in so many people’s lives,” he says to donors and volunteers just like you. “Keep it up. It is very much appreciated.”

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