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Volunteer Sees Fruit of Efforts

Hank Ballinger has volunteered with the Food Bank for the last two years, and he says his favorite part of the experience is witnessing the tangible results of his efforts.

“You give your time and energy and it’s neat to see it all connect together,”

he says.

Hank Ballinger uses his work lunch break to help pack PowerPak 4 Kids bags at the Food Bank warehouse.

Hank and his family moved to Wichita Falls four years ago and began supporting the Food Bank. Two years ago, they saw a bulletin asking for volunteers to pack PowerPak 4 Kids bags.

“When The Food Bank has food distribution or we see the [PowerPak 4 Kids] bags going out to the kiddos at school or in the summertime, you can see that tangibly,” he says.

Hank says these days he typically uses his lunch break from work to volunteer, and he’s grateful for the flexibility to serve within his availability.

“I’d encourage people to come out, whether it’s for 30 minutes or an hour a month,” he says. “That’s the neat thing about the Food Bank.”

Thank you, Hank, and all the amazing volunteers who give their time and energy to help provide nutritious food for children, families, and seniors across our community!

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