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You Give The Best Holiday Gift: Nutritious Food

“We really do appreciate it.”

Valerie snuggles with her doll while her mom receives groceries from the North Texas Food Pantry.

When you give to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, you help connect families with nutritious meals and groceries to support their health and well–being. That’s why countless parents like Hope are giving thanks for your generosity this holiday season.

We met up with Hope, her mother, Denise and Hope’s 14–month–old daughter, Valerie, at the North Texas Food Pantry, a partner agency of the Food Bank.

Hope tells us her husband has a steady job, but once all the family’s bills are paid, there’s little money left to afford groceries. The family doesn’t qualify for SNAP benefits, so Hope plans to find part–time work to supplement her husband’s income.

But in the meantime, they’re grateful for the food they receive at the food pantry. Hope says she’s noticed price increases even at traditionally budget–friendly stores.

And recently, Hope also became a legal guardian for a relative’s child, so they’ve had to stretch their budget even more. She says between her family and her parents, they try to cut costs as much as possible.

“If one house doesn’t have food, we partner with the other,” she says. “Family relies on each other.”

Hope says the family doesn’t visit the food pantry often — only when they really need it. But they’re thankful they can rely on the kindness of people like you when they do find themselves in need.

“We really do appreciate it,” Hope says.

Thank you for giving the essential gift of food to so many neighbors in need. Your gifts make a big difference, during the holiday season and all year long.

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