Follow these 6 easy steps!


1. Plan Ahead:

Select a leadership committee to plan the food drive, manage the communications and logistics, and set goals. Determine timing for the food drive, such as holidays, special events, etc. Determine the types of food you will collect. We have provided the following guidelines of preferred food:

  • Canned protein – tuna, chicken, turkey

  • Canned fruit in 100% or lite syrup

  • Low sodium canned vegetables

  • Brown rice, quinoa, oats

  • Beans – canned or dry

  • Powdered, shelf-stable, or evaporated skim or 1% milk

  • Cereal (low in sugar)

  • Rice, quinoa, oats

  • Pasta (whole grain)

  • Bread (whole wheat)

  • Peanut butter

  • Dried fruit

  • 100% juice


Identify your needs. Consider how many of the following items you need:

  • Containers for collecting food (strong boxes, clean storage bins and paper supply boxes with covers work well).

  • Sign postings, letters, emails, etc., for generating awareness and interest.

  • Envelopes for participants who may also want to make a financial donation.


2. Register with the Food Bank:

Contact the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, (940) 766-2322 

Or Email us at: wfafb@wfafb.org

3. Set Your Goal

​Determine your goal for pounds of food to be collected, number of boxes, or number of cans. Aim high, but be realistic! If you did a food drive last year, set this year’s goal a little higher. For fun, consider a competition between departments (or between grades at school).

4. Get Company Management Involved

Garner the support of company executives to set a standard for participation to help motivate employees. Consider a "matching program" in which your company will match each pound you collect with its own donation of dollars or food. Incorporate a volunteer component in which company leadership and employees volunteer their time at the Food Bank warehouse to sort food collected from the food drive.

5. Promote Your Food Drive


Consider a launch event at your company/organization, etc.. to announce the food drive. Hang up signs, send letters or emails, get it listed in your organization’s newsletter or bulletin. Distribute printed materials available from the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank upon request. Install a tracking system to keep participants updated about the food drives progress.

6. Transporting the Donation

We encourage you to bring your donations directly to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, located at 1230 Midwestern Parkway. If you need help, the Food Bank will arrange to pick up your donation as soon as possible. Contact the Food Bank directly at 940-766-2322 to make arrangements.

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