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Help and Hope Delivered!

Jaraden was driving down the highway with lots on her mind when she first heard about the Blue Sky Mobile Pantry, an important community outreach run by Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.


With two little ones to care for, the youngest just 5, and a budget that doesn’t always stretch far enough to afford the healthy food she wants for them, Jaraden was immediately interested to learn more.

One visit to the Blue Sky Mobile Pantry food distribution let Jaraden know that her neighbors care and want to help when challenges threaten a hard-working family’s ability to put food on the table.


“I want to say thank you ... you are greatly appreciated,” Jarden says. “There’s definitely people out here that need help. I would still be struggling to be honest.”


Jaraden works in a home health facility, but her income can shrink quickly as patients move on from her care. She receives some benefits but is challenged to make ends meet during times when she has fewer clients.


Not only does your kind support help bridge the gap for a family like Jaraden’s, but you also plant the seeds of hope that can carry a neighbor through a difficult time. Thank you for caring and sharing to make our communities stronger now and all summer long.

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