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You Fuel Kids Dreams

“I hope they understand how much we appreciate and how much it helps in Electra.”

Misty and her son, Trey, pick up groceries from a Food Bank Mobile Pantry in Electra.

Lucas, 12, enjoys playing football for his school team. With your help, he’ll have the nutritious food he needs to stay strong this summer and return to the sport he loves in the fall.

We met up with Lucas’ mom, Misty, and his brother, Trey, 4 and at a Food Bank Mobile Pantry in Electra. Misty says the family lives with her mom right now to help make ends meet, and the food they receive from the Mobile Pantry helps the whole family.

When school is in session, Lucas has access to free breakfasts and lunches in the cafeteria. But this summer, Misty will need to make up for the missed school meals — after already having been stretched thin earlier in the year when Lucas was doing school from home.

On top of that, Misty says there isn’t a grocery store in town, so they have to drive even further to purchase the food they need, when they have the funds to make the trip. Misty is diabetic, so she tries to watch what she eats. But healthy food gets expensive.

“It would be a lot harder [without the Mobile Pantry],” she says.

Misty especially wants to thank you for helping her keep nutritious food on her family’s table...and giving her sons the fuel, they need to achieve their dreams — like the simple joy of playing team sports.

“I hope [donors] understand how much we appreciate and how much it helps people in Electra.”

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