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David is Our Volunteer of the Quarter!

Texas became David’s chosen home after he retired from the Navy in 1979. From then until 2018, he worked hard at his post-military career, and also spent time ensuring his community was cared for. David’s volunteer history is extensive, from hospitals to the Lions Club International, which provides vision screenings for children.

Food access in the Wichita Falls Area is an important mission for David, too. That’s why he donates time in our warehouse helping to sort, pack, and distribute nutritious food for our neighbors. His support is helping to ensure that healthy meals are available all year round.

Volunteerism is a practice that David learned from his father. “My father always told me to volunteer because he did,” he says. “The goal is to help someone else.”

Through his dedication, David is truly leading by example for his two adult daughters and five grandchildren.

To anyone who’s considering volunteering, David says, “I would invite people to come volunteer with lets [people] know that there’s someone here to help.”

Thank you, David, for sharing your time to provide health and hope in our

shared communities!

To see more about David, watch here.

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