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Virginia Appreciates Your Support

For our older neighbors like Virginia, your support

is a true beacon of hope even in hard times.

Virginia, 71, is a beloved Jacksboro neighbor

who knows the importance of nutrition and wellbeing.

In her career, she worked for a home health

company. Now retired, she enjoys fishing and spending time outside.

Virginia relies on a fixed income as well as SNAP

assistance to make ends meet in retirement. “Rent

goes up and it’s hard to sustain a comfortable

living,” she says.

To stay healthy and manage her high blood

pressure, Virginia tries to ensure her diet is full

of nutritious produce and proteins. Your support

means these healthy ingredients are available at

the Jacksboro Community Food Pantry, an agency

partner of the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

With every visit to the pantry, Virginia picks up

enough food to last up to three weeks. Lunch

meat, pork, and beans are her favorite items to

bring home.

“Thank you very much—this helps so much

with my health,” she says gratefully to partners

like you. Thank you for standing with us to

ensure that food access is available for anyone

experiencing food insecurity in our Wichita

Falls community!

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