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You Help Anna Put Food on The Table

Anna is passionate about providing the best care for her children, Desanti, 19, Deschanel, 18, Dorio, 14, and Jacob, 12. She’s so proud of who they’re becoming – Desanti is in her first year at Midwestern studying to become a veterinarian, and Deschanel is working as a CNA (certified nurse assistant).

For his part, Jacob is growing up strong and looks forward to playing football for his school when he gets older. He also plans to use his love of science in his future career.

“I want to be a doctor someday,” he says shyly.

Anna knows good nutrition couldn’t be more important for all four of her children’s futures, and she’s grateful for the role you play in making sure she can cook healthy, delicious meals for her family, even while she’s getting back on her feet.

We met Anna and Jacob on a recent visit to the Colonial Church Mobile Pantry, where she was able to pick up healthy food for the whole family.

Anna shares that she’s working hard to find a good job that allows her to better support her kids. With her new computer security certification, she’s hopeful that her job search will be successful. For now, she and Deschanel often work odd jobs together for extra income.

Anna receives SNAP benefits and is grateful that her younger children can access free breakfast and lunch during the school year, helping Anna stretch her budget further.

And for those times when it just doesn’t quite stretch far enough, you’re there to help fill in the gap.

“You know, to have something like this [mobile pantry] it’s really a blessing,” Anna says. “Thank you so much for fulfilling the needs of so many people.”

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