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Debbie’s Family Is Thankful for YOU

Debbie’s children are a light in her life. Grace*, is the artist of the bunch, while Mary* and Ray* both love to spend time outside playing with friends or splashing in the lake.

Debbie became our neighbor 15 years ago when she and her husband moved to Wichita Falls for his job as a city worker. Since living here, she has found a community of people who truly care.

“The community and neighbors

all look out for each other,” she explains.

Because of her own medical diagnosis and limited mobility, Debbie and her children rely on her husband’s income to make ends meet. The budget can often be tight — too tight for healthy groceries.

Thanks to your generosity, Debbie and her family can visit the Jacksboro Community Food Pantry, a Food Bank partner, to pick up foods that fuel a healthy diet like veggies, fruits, and proteins.

“If not for the pantry, we wouldn’t know what to do,” Debbie says. “We appreciate everything.

Thank you for helping to make our community a thoughtful and loving place, where every neighbor facing hunger can find the nourishing food needed to thrive!

*Debbie’s children’s names have been changed

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