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You're Ensuring Children Are Fed

Jayden shares a grateful smile outside Graham Community Food Pantry

The past few years have been a whirlwind for Thomas. He lost his wife, experienced a stark decline in health and took in his two young granddaughters, Josselyn, 9, and Jayden, 13.

Thomas loves the girls dearly — he calls them his “shining light” — but providing for them is tough on his single, limited income. His grocery budget is especially tight during the summer months when the girls can’t eat meals in the school cafeteria. Due to health problems, Thomas’ only income is disability assistance.

It’s especially tough for him to not have a job. Thomas knows the value of hard work — he spent many years in the oil field and also held a job as a welder. With seven herniated discs, liver illness and neuropathy, he just can’t be on his feet very long.

Thomas also has diabetes and needs healthy food on the table. But high-quality food is among the most expensive items at the store, and he’d rather fill the kids’ plates.

“I make sure the grandkids are fed first before I eat,” he says. “A man has to do what is right.”

You’re helping Thomas, one of our most deserving neighbors, access the healthy food he, Jayden and Josselyn need to thrive. He found help at Graham Community Food Pantry, which partners with Wichita Falls Area Food Bank to share healthy food in Graham. When you give, you help keep the pantry stocked — and bring hope to people who struggle with hunger.

“I hope you are blessed ten times over for your help,” Thomas says to friends like you. “This is a true blessing.”

On behalf of grateful neighbors like Thomas, thank you for fighting hunger here in our community!

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