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Fran Appreciates You

Fran, 80, may be retired from her work as a dietary supervisor but when it comes to caring for the community around her, she hasn’t even come close to slowing down.

Three days each week, Fran helps a senior neighbor with his household chores, and runs errands for him. On top of that, she does everything she can to help her daughter who she lives with.

Since retirement, Fran relies on a fixed monthly Social Security income. When she’s able, Fran tries to help her daughter pay her bills. But some months, just affording basic groceries is a struggle.

Thankfully, Fran has somewhere to turn for a little extra help when she needs it. She visits the food pantry at Trinity United Methodist Church where she says with a smile that her favorite foods to receive are “everything!

I really appreciate it,” she says.

Fran has diabetes and heart problems, so she’s grateful that the food pantry provides healthy food options that can bolster her health. She also enjoys the socialization every visit provides.

“Thank you,” she says to donors like you.

We echo Fran and thank you for making sure our neighbors of all ages have nutritious food on the table this winter and all year long.

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