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Jani Shares with Neighbors, Thanks to You

There’s rarely a day that goes by when Jani isn’t making sure people have enough to eat. From working for a meal delivery service to picking up food for her neighbors when she visits a Food Bank Mobile Pantry, Jani enjoys helping.

Thanks to generous friends like you, Jani also has nutritious food to fill her own family’s table.

Jani lives with her husband and uncle. Her husband works on extrusion towers in Olney, but when there’s a storm, his work is shut down — and less income comes in.

Jani works for a meal delivery service to help make ends meet, but the household budget still sometimes comes up short.

That’s why Jani is grateful to visit Wichita Fall Area Food Bank’s City View Mobile Pantry when the family’s income doesn’t stretch far enough. She can still bring home nutritious groceries even if a trip to the grocery store isn’t in the budget.

And, as a bonus, Jani is always grateful to be able to pick up food for her neighbors who can’t get out of the house as easily. She shares that some of her neighbors don’t have vehicles, and she’s happy she can help.

Thank you for helping make sure everyone in our community has vital access to nutritious food this summer. You’re helping make this a more vibrant, healthy community for us all!

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