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Moved to Help: Harold and Dominga Bedsole

Harold and Dominga Bedsole have only lived in Wichita Falls for about five years, but it didn’t take long for the couple to find their way to volunteer with the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

“I think it chose us, instead of us choosing them,” Harold says.

Harold, a Navy vet of 20 years, came to Wichita Falls for a driving job with Maverick Truck company. Dominga retired from her retail job and joined Harold on the road for three years before he also retired.

That’s when the couple decided to get more involved in community service. Harold and Dominga started helping in the Food Bank’s warehouse and later transitioned to help with Mobile Pantries.

“We really enjoy the work, and the people are great,” Harold says. “We see a lot of people, and it just feels good to be doing something that benefits the community.”

The couple agrees that their favorite aspect of volunteering is simply the people they volunteer with and people from the community who receive food.

“For anyone who has been apprehensive about volunteering at the Food Bank, they always need the help, and it is such a worthy cause,” Harold says.

Thank you, Harold and Dominga, for choosing to make our community even better through your generous gift of time!

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