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Nathan Appreciates Your Kindness

Nathan and his son, Charles, wait to receive groceries from a Food Bank Mobile Pantry in Wichita Falls.

When Nathan’s job took a hit at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, your generosity made all the difference for him, his wife Melissa, and their children.

“We appreciate all the help we’ve been given,” Nathan says.

We met up with Nathan, his son, Charles, and their sweet dog on a visit to a Food Bank Mobile Pantry. The family lives in the country but gladly makes the drive in to receive the food.

Nathan worked with engine parts in the aviation sector but was let go at the beginning of the pandemic. He says he receives unemployment, but only 60% of his previous pay and simply not enough for his family’s needs.

One of his and Melissa’s children have type 1 diabetes, which makes nutritious food even more critical, but hard to come by on a limited budget.

Nathan says the family has cut back on other necessities for the time being and they live simply, enjoying board game family nights for entertainment. But without your help, they would have to rely on friends to get by.

“It is a necessity,” Nathan says of the food you help provide for his family.

Though the family didn’t need food assistance prior to the pandemic, James and Melissa are grateful it was there to help their family exactly when they needed it. Family favorites from the Mobile Pantry are chicken and spaghetti.

This summer, your generosity continues to make a significant difference for our neighbors in the wake of the pandemic. Thank you for helping families keep nutritious food on the table this summer and all year long!

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