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Singing Robert’s Praises

Robert began working at the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank less than a year ago, but he has already won the hearts of his coworkers — and made an impact on his community.

“It has been such a positive experience, not just helping the Wichita Falls area but the 12 counties we also work with,” says Robert.

Robert was born in Lubbock, Texas and raised in Henrietta, but moved to the Wichita Falls area in 2006 and has remained here ever since. He worked as a custodian for local schools before accepting the position at the Food Bank.

Robert lights up the lives of the people around him. He likes to sing a “positive song” as he works.

“I work with the best, greatest people in the area, and it lights up my world to see my friends I work with,” he says.

We are so grateful for the joy Robert brings to his job each day and the light he pours into the lives of the people around him. He, like you, is a valuable partner in our work to end hunger!

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