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Sylvia Champions Hunger Relief!

Sylvia Robinson is one of the Food Bank’s most dedicated volunteers.

“The community has done so much for was time to give back,” she says of her efforts.

The past few years have been incredibly difficult for Sylvia. She cared for her daughter, who battled cancer, until she passed away. Sylvia recently lost her husband as well.

With her own health concerns, she’s not able to work full-time anymore. That’s why she’s so glad she found a way to keep contributing to the community here at our Wichita Falls facility.

“At one time or another, everyone needs help — and thanks to the Food Bank, the help is there,” Sylvia says. “[Volunteering] really opens your heart. It’s a rewarding experience.”

The help of caring people like Sylvia means we’re able to connect even more hungry neighbors with the healthy food they need to thrive. Thank you to Sylvia and all of our wonderful volunteers!

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