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Three Generations Making An Impact

“I enjoy seeing people helping people,” Karen Prezie says.

When she’s not working to help military families transition into new roles in her job with the Air Force, Karen loves to give back by volunteering for the Food Bank. She first got involved as a way to spend time with her daughter, Kristen, 42, and granddaughter, Hannah, 15. It was something they could do together that had the added benefit of providing work experience for Hannah.

Karen very much enjoys watching their hard work and service make a positive impact in the lives of children, families and seniors.

“I began to think [about] how [wide an] impact volunteers actually [make],” Karen says.

Karen believes there is a place for everyone to get involved at the Food Bank and encourages more people to join, where they can use their unique talents to make a meaningful difference.

“There's nobody that wouldn’t [benefit from] giving back to the community,” Karen says.

Karen shares that she, her daughter and granddaughter are now shifting their volunteer efforts to the mobile pantries this holiday season, which will help provide food assistance where the need is greatest in our community.

Thank you, Karen, Kristen and Hannah, for your commitment to helping neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Our work wouldn’t be possible without caring volunteers like you helping uplift our community this holiday season and beyond.

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