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You Ease Family’s Burdens

Tiffany is passionate about caring for her family, and even extends her care to friends and neighbors — that’s why she is so grateful to friends like you for helping ease her burden this holiday season.

We met Tiffany along with two of her four children, and two of her friend’s children on a visit to a Food Bank Mobile Pantry. Tiffany was picking up food for both her and her friend’s households.

Tiffany and one of her sons pick up groceries from a Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry.
Tiffany and one of her sons pick up groceries from a Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry.

She shares that she is unable to work due to a disability, and her husband’s job was made obsolete at the start of the pandemic. Now, his income at a new job is roughly 1/3 as much as he was making before. Tiffany says her family is not alone.

“There are so many people in this town that need help right now for the same thing we’re going through,” she says. “Jobs were affected, or they were impacted by COVID so they’re not making as much money as before COVID.”

Thankfully, a friend told Tiffany about the Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry, where she has been picking up food for her family ever since.

Tiffany says she and her husband began homeschooling their children during the pandemic and have continued even when schools reopened — which also means keeping more food on hand at home. Her children are ages 5, 8, 12, and 15.

“This is the only thing keeping some people afloat,” she says of food from the Mobile Pantry.

This holiday season, and all year long, your generosity is appreciated so much more than you may ever know. Thank you for your partnership.

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