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You Extend Hope

Brittney is hopeful for her future after just starting a new job and a new year of college, and she’s thanking you for helping her family put food on the table until she gets her first paycheck.

We met up with Brittney, along with her niece, Londyn, 7, and nephew, Kenneth, 9, at a Food Bank Mobile Pantry near their home. Though the two children don’t live with Brittney, they tagged along for an outing with their aunt.

Local college student, Brittney, holds some of the food she’s taking home from a Food Bank Mobile Pantry.

Brittney lives with her mom and says they have especially struggled the last few weeks without enough food to make full meals — in fact, they had barely any food at all. Brittney started the job to pay for her college and help her mom, who has major health issues.

The start of a new year of college drained the family’s finances, Brittney says, so she was especially grateful to hear about the Mobile Pantry through the computer lab at her school.

Brittney is hopeful that the food she takes home today will last her and her mom until she can get her first paycheck.

“You extend hope and extend our faith and life,” Brittney says to donors like you who make the Mobile Pantry possible.

She further wanted to express her thanks on behalf of her and her mom “to everyone involved. You are appreciated.”

This holiday season, and all year long, your generosity is appreciated so much more than you may ever know. Thank you for your partnership.

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