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You Give The Best Holiday Gift: Nutritious Food

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Melody is especially thankful for the fresh produce she finds on each visit to the Bowie Mission in Bowie, Texas

For families like Melody’s, the best gift they can receive this holiday season is the one you’re providing for them: nutritious groceries for the whole family.

“Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as the end of the month are the most difficult for us,” says Melody, a mother and grandmother we met up with at Bowie Mission, a partner agency of Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

Melody’s son and his small family currently live with her as Sonia, Melody's daughter-in-law, is currently battling cancer.

By the end of the month, there’s little money left to afford groceries.

Thanks to your gifts, Melody is able to take home groceries monthly from Bowie Mission, a partner agency of the Food Bank. The food she receives will help the family have enough food for the remainder of the month.

“Without [Bowie Mission], I don’t know what I would do,” Meloday says.

She’s especially thankful for the fresh produce she takes home from Bowie Mission. Her granddaughter, 7–year–old Nicole, is a big fan of all fruits and vegetables.

“Thank you so very much,” Melody says to neighbors like you. “I would not know what to do without it.”

Thank you for giving the essential gift of food to neighbors in need. Your gifts make a big difference during the holiday season and all year long.

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