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You Help Parents Feed Their Families

Latosha loves to cook for her family and knows how to make a delicious meal from scratch. She’s thanking you for keeping her pantry stocked with the ingredients to cook up balanced meals.

Latosha smiles next to the groceries she’s picking up from the North Texas Food Pantry in Wichita Falls.

Each month, Latosha can pick up groceries from the North Texas Food Pantry, a partner agency of the Food Bank. She receives Social Security disability benefits, but not enough to last her family all month.

“The food [from the food pantry] really helps until my disability comes in,” she says.

Latosha, a single mother, has two school-aged children, so the food especially helps when free and reduced-price meals aren’t available through school, including during the unexpected school closures due to COVID-19.

Seven years ago, Latosha had to have an amputation as a result of vascular disease. She does work a few hours as a hairdresser to try to supplement her limited disability benefits — but it’s still not enough.

“Without this food, we would struggle,”

Latosha and her children especially enjoy the chicken they get from the food pantry, and Latosha knows plenty of recipes to cook up with it. She wants you to know what a difference these groceries make for her family.

“I appreciate everything that you’ve done,” she says to donors like you.

Thank you on behalf of countless more children and families, just like Latosha’s, who will have a nutritious meal on the table today thanks to your generosity. Your generosity — especially during the global COVID-19 crisis — extends hope to our community.

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