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You Help Ruby Get Back on Her Feet

“I guarantee when we get back on our feet, we’re going to donate,” says Ruby, 60.

She’s hopeful it won’t be much longer since she’s starting a new job soon and her husband continues his dedicated search after both he and Ruby lost their jobs around the same time.

The couple have enough savings to remain in their home but it’s been challenging to afford groceries at the same time.

Thankfully, a friend told Ruby about the Food Bank’s mobile pantry, where she can pick up good, nutritious food until her regular paychecks start coming in again.

“If it wasn’t for this [mobile pantry] we wouldn’t have any food,” Ruby says, matter-of-fact, thanking generous donors like you.

Thanks to you, Ruby and her husband have access to healthy food while they work hard to recover financially, giving them peace of mind and the ability to focus on rebuilding their lives.

Thank you for restoring hope to neighbors like Ruby this holiday season and all year long. You are truly making a difference and bringing us closer to a hunger-free community.

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