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You Help Veterans Provide for Their Family

“Thank you. I can provide meals for my family.”

Adrienne and Michael are all smiles on a visit to the Grace Ministries Food Pantry.

This fall, Air Force Veterans Adrienne and Michael are thanking you for helping them put healthy meals on their family’s table.

Adrienne, who served three years, and Michael, who served 18 years, both receive Veteran Disability benefits. But it’s still difficult for the couple to afford enough groceries for them and their growing son on their fixed income.

Thankfully, they found out about the Grace Ministries Food Pantry, a partner agency of the Food Bank in Burkburnett.

Without the food pantry, Adrienne says, “we’d go hungry.”

The couple is grateful that the food they receive is “not just canned goods. You can actually make meals.”

They especially appreciate the meats and pasta as well as the occasional sweet treats they receive. A trip to the pantry typically provides enough food to last the family two weeks, they say.

“Thank you,” Adrienne says. “I can provide meals for my family.”

Thousands of families just like Adrienne and Michael’s can put nutritious food on the table this fall because you choose to give. Thank you for your ongoing and vital partnership.

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