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You’re Bolstering Shannon’s Health

Shannon is working hard to get back on her feet after a couple of especially challenging years, and she’s thanking you for giving her the boost she needs to make it happen.

We met Shannon, 54, on a recent visit to Grace Ministries Food Pantry, a Food Bank Partner Agency. She says she started coming to the food pantry after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to stop working.

“Without Grace Ministries, I wouldn’t know what to do,” she says.

“There are no words to express my gratitude.”

Shannon’s husband passed away in 2018, and she has lived alone ever since, managing all her cancer treatment on her own and paying her medical bills. She’s still waiting for survivor’s benefits and doesn’t qualify for SNAP.

The cancer treatments Shannon underwent put a big strain on her body and she says she’s just beginning to get back on track physically.

Good nutrition has been one of the cornerstones of Shannon’s recovery. Thanks to your generosity, she can stock up on enough healthy food to last her an entire month during one visit to the food pantry.

Your generosity has even inspired Shannon to give back to her community when she is feeling well enough.

“Through this time, I hope to become healthy enough to pay it forward,” Shannon says.

Shannon especially wanted to share her appreciation for you and the food you generously help provide.

“There are no words to express my gratitude,” she says. “You’ve been such a blessing for me and for other people in my position.”

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