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You’re Giving Michelle’s Family a Fresh Start

“Thank you for making this so easy for families to get.”

Michelle and daughter, Hannah, outside a Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry

Michelle is looking forward to starting a new job and settling into a new home, but in the meantime, she’s grateful she can count on your support to help fill her family’s table.

Michelle recently moved to the area with her daughter, Hannah, 17. They have friends who live in the area, so they decided to make the move from their previous home in Montana for a fresh start.

Once Michelle is settled with work (she has a job interview soon and hopes it will lead to a full-time position), she’ll begin to look for a house in the area.

“I need to get the job and get everything going,” she says.

While she waits to start working and for SNAP benefits to kick in, Michelle’s grateful she can turn to the Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry for nutritious groceries.

Michelle says this is her first time reaching out for help with groceries, and she appreciates how simple it’s been.

“Thank you for making this [food] so easy for families to get,” she says.

Of course, Michelle’s not the only one with goals in place. Now that Hannah’s close to graduation, she has hopes to be a veterinary technician — a dream you make possible to achieve through your generous gift of nutritious food.

Thank you for fueling the dreams of thousands of children, families and seniors across our community through your generous, ongoing support.

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