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You're Growing Strong Families!

Dominique and her sons, DeAndre and Demarion, are excited to take home groceries from Sonshine House in Wichita Falls.

Dominique wants to provide the best possible life for her two growing boys — Demarion, 10, and little DeAndre, 3. She knows it starts with nutritious food on the table. Dominique works with children who have special needs and understands the connection between good nutrition and kids’ healthy development.

But sometimes as a single parent she has trouble affording enough groceries for her family. Between paying bills and having enough gasoline to take her boys where they need to go, she sometimes finds that her paychecks can’t last until the end of the month.

Dominique’s not alone. Families across our community are in a tight spot this summer since their kids have lost access to the regular school meals they depend on each weekday.

Fortunately, Dominique found out about Sonshine House, a Food Bank partner in Wichita Falls. We met her, DeAndre and Demarion as they carried bags of nutritious food to their car, and they told us how excited they were to visit the pantry.

Demarion and DeAndre are active kids — they love running around outside and playing together. Their mom is so glad she can pick up healthy snacks and groceries to keep them energized this summer. She was excited to share her appreciation with friends like you.

“Thanks!” Dominique says with a bright smile. “I’m real grateful — and thankful you can help.”

When you ensure children like Demarion and DeAndre have enough to eat this summer, you prepare them for success when classes resume in the fall. Thank you for feeding our community’s future!

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